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Ectrodactyly - Ectodermal Dysplasia - Cleft Syndrome

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chi siamo «La ricerca scientifica non prospetta miracoli ma tenta di date delle risposte a coloro che vivono un quotidiano "diverso". La comunicazione diventa fondamentale per capire che non si è soli.»
Cristina Bolzonella - President


On Italia1, WILD speaks about Giulia Volpato.

The first international conference on the EEC syndrome, with major Italian and international experts.

In this video, our dental specialist speaks about the effects of LPS in relation to the EEC syndrome .

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The RAREDUCANDO project envisages the awareness of the children about rare diseases. What are rare diseases? What to do if you have a rare disease? What is E.E.C syndrome? Why is scientific research important? Why do we talk about prevention and early detection? What are the safeguards for a person with a rare disease? All questions to which we try to give an answer

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Service Center for Rare Diseases

The objective is to make the CMRS a concrete point of reference for people with rare diseases, supporting the social emergency thanks to motivated operators. Support us ...

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Stammi Vicino Project
Podere Sant Agata

There is a place where children with rare diseases are becoming children again. A space surrounded by nature specially designed to accommodate for holiday periods the families of sick children. We also need your help ...

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